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ONLINE Session Recordings
I can devise and record original parts for your project or replace those unconvincing samples with the real thing!

Even just adding the real rosinous bowing attack to orchestral samples can create authenticity...

With the closing of so many recording studios and the prevalence of smaller recording budgets more and more artists and producers are seeking out musicians with home recording setups who can exchange their overdubs online.


I can provide you with high quality recordings of any combination of my instruments. There are no location restrictions- I work  with people worldwide. You just send me an mp3 of the work as a backing track, then I record my part(s) and send them my sound files to be added to the project- simple!

I'm set up to record:

Fiddle/ violin/ viola (predominantly in Celtic/ US folk styles), layered string parts.



5-string banjo (clawhammer and bluegrass styles)

Appalachian dulcimer

Acoustic guitar (finger and plectrum styles- standard and open tunings)

Electric guitars (Telecaster, lap steel C6 tuned)

Tiple (a 1948 Martin)

Musical saw, Theremin and Wine Glasses

...and combinations of these instruments on your song.

I work from my home studio where I use a variety of mics and high quality pre-amps.

I supply finished stems in any format.


My session work encompasses pop/ rock/ folk/ singer-songwriter genres to film underscore, themes and textures- predominantly acoustic but equally comfortable using effects/ processing.

I have performed on a wide range of releases- see Discography page for a selective listing.

Recent film soundtracks I have played on include:

Troop Zero 2020 (Rob Lord)

The Etruscan Smile 2018 (Frank Ilfman)

King Arthur - the Legend of the Sword 2017 (Daniel Pemberton)

As a taster, here are links to some album tracks I've played on (viewer below):

On Hayley Ross's 2020 release 'The Weight of Hope' I'm playing wine glasses and saws. Here is a track: 'Tumbledown' mixed by the legendary John Leckie.

On 'Devil's Grip' and 'Love is a Spirit' by Arthur Brown I'm playing all guitars, violin, banjo, bass pedals.

I did all the arrangements on the album 'The Voice of Love' including dulcimer, glockenspiel, theremin and oud.

I'm playing violin on this track from Josh T Pearson's 'The Straight Hits' produced by Ben Hillier, released in 2018.

'That's My Life in Your Hands' on Steve Harley's 'Poetic Justice' album features me playing 12 String guitar, mandocello and dulcimer. I play the guitar solo on 'The Last Time I Saw You'

Judie Tzuke's version of 'Hey Jude' was based on my guitar arrangement here with one of my signature open tunings (E A C# E A E)

Back to standard tuning next with Kate Daisy Grant's 'Silent Night' from the 'Portrait' album. Both Kate and myself played all the string parts between us- myself on violin and viola, Kate on cello.

Two tracks featured here are from my second recording session ever are on Texas Rockabilly legend Ray Campi's Tennessee and Texas album, recorded in 1986: 'What Have I Done?' and 'I Saw Your Face in the Moon'.

I played fiddle on 'Effra Parade' by The Melodic, produced by Andre Schmidt.

For the single 'Come Outside' they had me mime on the video in a film shoot on a very cold beach!

'This Ain't no Fairytale' is the debut album from Louisiana and Nashville artist Kris Wilkinson Hughes aka My Girl the River. I play several instruments on this album.


Links to Sessions

Links to Sessions

Links to Sessions
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Hayley Ross - Tumbledown

Hayley Ross - Tumbledown

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Devil's Grip

Devil's Grip

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Arthur Brown - Love Is The Spirit

Arthur Brown - Love Is The Spirit

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Library/ Production Music Links


Lift Music


I'm playing all the instruments on these recordings.

The new Specsavers ad:

I'm playing the overdubbed fiddle on this.

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