N I C K  P Y N N

N I C K  P Y N N



“The octopus of sound”

Stewart Lee


“…one of England’s best instrumentalists and composers.”



“...music of immense imagination and skill”

Glasgow Herald


“A magical find in the night”

The Scotsman



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updated March 5th 2021

Photo: Lieve Boussauw at Spike Sligo Festival

Friends in Comedy:

Boothby Graffoe single TFAYCD is out!

Nick guests on tenor banjo and fiddle on this fine piece of work by the inimitable Boothby Graffoe

with whom Nick toured extensively throughout the 'noughties'. Available from Bandcamp

The Nightingales/ Stewart Lee and Nick Pynn:

Ten Bob Each Way / Use Your Loaf

Recorded back in 2010, Stewart Lee's cover of 'Use Your Loaf' by post punk  band The Nightingales will be released as the B side of their April 16th 45rpm vinyl release. The track was recorded and produced by Nick who also adds violas. Pre-orders available from here

Other News:

Juanita Stein, vocalist and rhythm guitarist in The Howling Bells has just put out a beautiful album called Snapshot. Produced by the legendary Ben Hillier it is available in vinyl and for download.

More info here


Nick has nearly finished producing a forthcoming release featuring the golden voice and transcendent songs of Rosi Lalor. Rosi plays guitar and piano, Kate Daisy Grant brings cello and Nick adds violins, tiple, mandolins etc. More news to follow soon

Kate Daisy Grant's beautiful recent album

LULLABY is finished. Produced by Nick and Kate, the download is available here

and the CD version from the Online Store

Nick  produced and played on 4 tracks from Miriam Cooke's recently released album. Listen to it here

An anthology album of Nick's music is available for download here

From the Lockdown

A Fiddle Album

On this release Nick plays a collection of fiddle tunes from England, Ireland, Scotland, North America, France, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Bulgaria.

It is available from all online stores as a download.

A limited edition CD is available from the Online Store on this website.

“Less experimental than much of his solo work, Nick sets aside the avant folk for an entirely more traditional sound. Taking in fiddle tunes from much of Europe, Turkey and North America this is a versatile selection of the finest folk sounds”

The Musician Autumn 2020

"I must declare an interest in Nick Pynn, who played violin on my 2009 stand-up tour, after I had delighted in years of his solo Edinburgh Fringe shows, Pynn as a steampunk luthier looping home-made acoustic instruments in a candle-lit attic above a language school.

A Fiddle Album finds Pynn playing it straight, on 13 traditional tunes, with an impossible purity of tone to rival the Irish grand master Martin Hayes, Pynn backing himself on a dozen other instruments.

“Abbots Bromley Horn Dance Tune” is starkly and sharply defined, antlers silhouetted against the sky; the French “Bransle de Bourgogne” whirled me away from lockdown London, and Brexit Britain, for all too brief a moment."

Stewart Lee   The Idler



"This was originally going to be the flip side of the ‘Buffalo Orbison’ album. I’d just written ‘In Adelaide’ when on the flip side of the world and had a flash of the concept of pairing up two albums as a complementary package. I later decided I’d wait for this to be a finished full length album, without the self imposed pressure of including tracks I would normally let go for ‘library’ use, so as to maintain its vision. I’ve finally decided to release it as a mini-album"
Available for download here


TV/ Film

Nick plays on Paul Pilot's score for 'Laurel Canyon', a 2 part documentary about the music and the artists who created so many classic songs. Premiering on Sky Arts earlier this year, it is available to buy from here

'Troop Zero' is also out on Amazon Prime. It features a soundtrack by Rob Lord with Nick playing many of the instrumental parts.